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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


sunny is out now!

Image: Ciara Isabel Muscat.

Soul-driven pop trio outfit recently made their debut with sunny. To celebrate the release, the band have shared five facts about outfit that you probably didn't know with MILKY!

Speaking of the track, the trio share: “The concept surrounded the sentiment of “I woke up, but in a way I guess I could have kept sleeping” describing the cyclical nature of day to day life at the time. We were in between houses, work in the music industry took a dive due to the pandemic and really we just needed a light at the end of the tunnel to move closer to. From there the song grew into a full concept dealing with issues around mental health and finding comfort in what and who you have around you to collectively move towards the sunnier, sunnier, sunnier place.”

Without further adieu, here's 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Outfit...


Tim and Ben are massive football (soccer) fans and love having a few beers and pizzas over a Manchester United game! Cam will sometimes join them but doesn’t really understand what’s going on.


Tim is an avid chef and loves cooking up a feed on band hangout days. Some of his specialties include sausage rolls, pork belly/lamb shoulder (Cam doesn’t really know which one’s which).


Both Ben and Cam both had short stints as pizza delivery drivers in their younger days, and both had car accidents while working! Cams boss came to check in after the accident, but then after a few minutes grabbed the pizzas and finished the failed delivery.


Ben’s actually Scottish but it usually takes people a few attempts to guess his accent.


Tim can’t drive despite having 7 attempts at his driving test and still currently owns his 2013 Toyota Aurion (but can’t drive it). His first attempt he forgot to bring his car to the test (he caught the bus).

sunny is out now! Watch the visual below.


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