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Don’t Even Know Me is out now!

Image: Supplied.

Sydney four-piece Gully Days recently dropped their new single, Don’t Even Know Me. To celebrate the release, the band have shared five facts about outfit that you probably didn't know with MILKY!

Bringing their signature indie-rock sonics to the track, the track comments on how quick society can be to judge others, and our conceived misrepresentations of one another. Frontman Ethan Eshuys captivating vocals soar above driving percussion and guitar work.

“In previous recordings we always aimed to keep them as raw and honest as possible, just like we sounded live. However, for Don’t Even Know Me the production was a lot more involved which was a change. I feel like this is still early days, so we are trying different things and seeing what works best for us as a band.” guitarist Luke Morris shares with MILKY

To celebrate the release, the band will be taking to the stage at the Oxford Art Factory on December 5, joined by Jemima and Dead Routes. Tickets are on sale now.

Here are five things you didn't know about Gully Days...


Gully Days met each other in the surf.


After trying a few bass players without success, Luke decided to teach Holden from scratch. He played his first gig after 2 weeks.


Gully Days were banned from playing gigs at multiple venues during Covid because they couldn’t stop their crowd from dancing. Gully Days employ 4 extra security guards each gig to keep the kids off the stage.


Gully Days day jobs include: Law Student, Pizza Hut Delivery Driver, Surf Instructor and News Paper Editor.


Lewis was originally a jazz drummer, Luke (guitar) grew up on punk rock, Ethan (singer) - R&B. Somehow it all came together to produce the iconic ‘Gully Days’ sound.

Don’t Even Know Me is out now!


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