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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


WANDERERS is out now!

Image: Samuel Graves.

Adelaide duo, Wanderers recently dropped their self-titled third EP. To celebrate the release, the duo have shared with MILKY five things he learnt whilst making the collection of songs.

“As 2020 hit, our recording dreams were coming true - we were about to head over to record an album in LA at Studio 606, Foo Fighters HQ. The home of the famous SoundCity desk, responsible for capturing many of our favourite records. All this while set amongst the backdrop of the California coastline, would have been a setting so fitting for our music." the duo share.

"We put those plans on ice, and focused on this EP, capturing some of our most loved tracks from touring and you can see the touches of that plan in the artwork and songs. We threw ourselves into recording at a collection of our favourite Adelaide studios - Wildflower, Wundenbergs, The Orchard; so we’re excited to have this one out, and gearing up to get on the road and share it with the world.”

Alongside the release, the duo have announced a string of national tour dates. Kicking off in Melbourne on April 1, the run of shows will continue on to Brisbane and Sydney, before wrapping up with a hometown show in Adelaide on May 27. Wanderers are also set to appear at SXSW festival in Austin, Texas later this year.


Resilience! We learned that nothing might go even remotely according to plan and that we have to be ready for it. Being too attached to the way you think the creation of art is going to go down doesn’t really work in this current climate, we found. But the music still has to exist, can’t throw in the towel. So we learned to create in the face of adversity and just roll with the punches!


We learned how to breathe new life into old songs. How to Dust off a demo and make it into a single. This was a valuable lesson because if my unreleased songs were on reel to reel tapes and not hard drives, my house would be full to the brim of them. Time to go back through the old sessions and see what gold is in there!


I personally learned that more is more when it comes to vocal layering. In the past I’ve been frustrated that I haven’t been able to even get close to achieving the classic Jeff Lyne, Freddie Mercury, style vocal layering, and I’m not saying I got completely there this time either but its certainly closer. And all I had to do was track each harmony 4 times. Which means 5 part harmonies become 20 vocal tracks, a mixing engineer's dream! Haha but heck, there’s something about the phasing of the vocals and the wall of voice that comes out the other side that gets me stoked.


The fans are bloody patient. We started talking about recording an album at the end of 2019, which was to be recorded at Foo Fighters HQ ‘Studio 606’ in May 2020, to be released sometime later that year or 2021. For obvious reasons that was postponed, then postponed again, then eventually shelved. That whole process of realisation was about a year or so, to really hang up the whole idea. Anyway, the point is that folks were still there patiently waiting, they didn’t forget about us. They kept coming to the few shows we were able to do, in even larger numbers, and now that we have the record out the response has been amazing. So we’re pretty damn lucky to have fans like these stick around and be this supportive, even after all the setbacks. It really makes it all worth it.


Nothing beats getting in the room and playing these tunes together, or in front of an audience. Much of covid was spent discussing things over zoom and sending files back and forth between studios so when we were finally able to just get in a room and smash through them, it was bloody beautiful. Nothing beats the real thing

WANDERERS is out now!


Friday, 1st April The Night Cat Melbourne

Friday, 29th April Felons Barrel Hall Brisbane

Saturday, 30th April Waywards Sydney

Friday, 27th May Lion Arts Factory Adelaide


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