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Which Way To Be Happy is out now!

Image: Supplied.

Earlier this month, UK-based indie band Penelope Isles unveiled their sophomore album, Which Way To Happy. To celebrate the release, siblings Lily and Jack Wolter have shared with MILKY five things that make them happy!


Pasta makes me very happy. P-B-CHE. Pasta, bacon cheese. A Wolter delicacy. Don’t care what the haters say.. it’s a golden meal. I’d choose it over a posh meal any day. A comfort food like no other. I ate it last night actually… treated myself to some tasty fresh fusili. I love pasta so much I can quite happily eat it completely on its own... just some butter and be quite content. Italy peeps please buy our record so we can come tour loads and try all your little deliciously tasty yellow shapes. - Jack


There's no better feeling than getting out the sea and then being presented with a juicy sizzling sausage and a cold beer. Living in Brighton for years has given me many precious memories with best friends swimming under the milky moon and eating and drinking round the fire. (secret summer tip- jam Donuts on the bbq! ... We call them 'Barba-nuts'!). - Lily


We love a fresh tat! One of the best (and scariest) feelings is staring at your new tattoo and thinking 'omg this is a part of me forever!' it's a thrill for sure! not only do I love being tattood, I'm a Handpoke artist myself and have the honour of tattooing people's skin. When the job is done, and they have a big ol' smile, that makes me happier than ever. - Lily


Getting in the waves is probably when I am in my most happy place. I’ve grown up and lived by the sea my whole life and surfing has a special place in my heart and is the one space where i truly find some peace of mind. Learning and working on a sport like surfing is extra special for me as it involves nature and an ever-changing environment. Reading the water and having to work with it. I hate doing exercise in any other form, in fact I find it all horrible.. but surfing is like getting a proper workout without having to think you are exercising. Winning. - Jack


The name says it all really. There is no sweet treat quite like it. The crispy outer body of the hippo, which contains the nutty, sweet and smooth Kinder cream inside! My word!!! I reckon I could nail a multipack of 5 in about 2 minutes. Adorable and delicious. - Lily

Which Way To Be Happy is out now!


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