Return Home is out now!

Image: Georgia Mein.

Naarm/Melbourne-based soul artist and proud Noongar woman Bumpy recently shared her new single, Return Home, marking her first release since signing with Astral People Recordings (Milan Ring, Skeleten, Wave Racer). To celebrate the release, the artist has shared with MILKY five things that make her feel at home!

Return Home surfaced while in isolation and allowed me to express thoughts that I wouldn't usually vocalise,” shares Bumpy. “This song has become a grounding reminder that connection is a constant journey whilst spotlighting the importance of home, family and story. This release process has been full of community collaboration, connection, family and support - honouring the themes throughout this track and allowing it to inform the presentation of Return Home.”


Whether it be making the cuppas for my parents and the Aunties, my siblings crashing on the couch, friends having a singalong to Country Road… again or catching community at live shows, my people are what make me feel at home.


Whenever moving or traveling the ocean has always been a place of healing and grounding. Swimming, chatting or singing to the ocean, it always feels like a place of home and connection.


You best believe i have a sweater drawer. As soon as i get home it is straight for the oversized sweater, baggy pants and thick wooly socks! Top it off with a pair of moccasins and you are home.


Spending a day preparing a meal gives big home feelings. Sharing the cooking process, sharing the food and sitting around the table enjoying is one of the most wholesome things to me.


Obviously music is home. So many ways to connect, converse and support. Playing, listening, sharing, watching, community.. So much comes with this magical thing that you can take and access anywhere.

A favourite of mine is playing the queue game with friends. Send the phone around the circle with each person queueing a song. Once theyve done that, all of the searches and history is cleared so the next person has no context of what’s coming / what to queue. Everyone gets their moment, gets their mood and you get a sense of what they’re listening to!

Return Home is out now!