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All Attention On Your Emotions is out October 27!

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Singer-songwriter Sahara Beck has shared her new single, Thinking Twice, alongside the announcement of her anticipated sophomore album, All Attention On Your Emotions. To celebrate the release, the singer has shared with MILKY five things she's 'thinking twice' about.

“It was so lovely to record Thinking Twice with Konsti in Brisbane,”says Sahara. “This song was one he initially brought into our session, and I just had an immediate connection with it, so we worked on it together for the album. Each song on the album, this one included, reflects in detail how my 25-year-old brain was processing emotions at the time.”

“Thinking Twice came amid the realisation I had a lot of work to do on myself. I was moving through my life in a very reactive way and not being conscious of the choices I was making or the actions I was taking”. She continues, “I was constantly catching myself smoking and thinking, I hate that I smoke - why am I doing this? Or being hungover again and thinking, I hate this feeling - how did I let myself get here again? If I had thought twice about what I was doing instead of instantly reacting, maybe the outcome would be different.”


The realisation that you are responsible for yourself. I've noticed as I get older how many people are constantly complaining about things that could be easily changed. If you drink too much alcohol, the next day you will be hungover. If you spend all night smoking bongs, the next day you will feel dopey. If you act like an asshole to everyone, everyone is going to treat you like an asshole. All these things are happening because of your own actions. If you don't want to be hungover, think about it, maybe don't drink tonight. The examples are endless, but the point is that if you were to stop and think and bring awareness to yourself, you will realize you're actually in control of everything you do.


"Better write it on my tombstone, never found a way to say no". I have always been afraid of what will happen if I say no to someone in ANY situation and as you can imagine this has landed me in some terrible situations and sometimes even steered my life in the wrong direction. I got to the point finally one day where I was sick of being in situations that made me so unhappy and thought to myself, the only reason I'm here is because of me, I need to stand up for what I want sometimes and actually say no I don't want that. It's taken me a few years of practice, but I can finally say no when I need to!


During covid, when live music was ~illegal~ a lot of my friends and I lost all our work. I had been planning that year for the previous two years, and it was finally time, and then it exploded in front of my eyes, and I lost all of that preparation and planning. I spent a while feeling extremely bad and sorry for myself, and then I got up and went around looking for work, I had no experience with anything because I had been a professional musician since I was 12 years old and never got another job. So The Triffid in Brisbane kindly gave me my first "real" job as a glassy, where I picked up empty glasses and cleaned up vomit. At the end of every gig, we would wait for everyone to stop cheering for an encore and go home so that we could clean up after them and go home. Sometimes it made me think of when you go to a party, and it was time to leave a loooong time ago, but you stick around until daylight out of fear of missing out. By the time you go home, the sun is coming up, and you think to yourself I wish I left when the first taxi left and didn't empty out my soul to this room full of strangers. Now when I have my first wave of "I'm tired, I think I might leave", I go with it. This is where the line "clear the floor, gonna lock up all the doors, there's not gonna be an encore" was inspired by. Basically… you know, when the party is over, stop trying to stretch out a good thing, time to go home.


For me, my addiction has always been cigarettes and now vaping. I started as a teenager because all my friends were smoking cigarettes and often saying, "cmon just try one nothing bad will happen". This is such a great example of the whole song. I didn't want to start smoking, I did anyway to fit in, now I'm addicted to nicotine, and none of those people that helped get me hooked are going to help me quit. I switched to vaping (which, after smoking cigarettes for 7 years, I can tell you the effect vaping is having on my body is definitely not better than cigarettes, and every time I take a puff, I think to myself, "jeeeeeesus christ what am I DOING to myself? Paying someone else to kill me in an extremely slow and one day painful way!". This whole concept fits in with the chorus lines "I'm singing 'jeeesus christ, I should be thinking twice, but ay it feels so right". I think it's a big thing in Australian culture to ignore realities that confront you and make you feel bad by constantly saying, “Oh well, it feels so good though!”


I've been in a few of these situations where I would let an insecure, unhappy man with anger issues control me and slowly ruin my life from the inside out. I would stay with them for so long because well they made me feel addicted to them through emotional manipulation. The whole time my friends would tell me how badly this person is treating me and how they are turning me into an empty shell of a human, and I would always defend them and stay with them for longer, almost to prove to myself that I wasn't addicted to them. Like "I can stop anytime I want!" But in the meantime, my mental health was so damaged, and I'm still working on getting back to where I was before the relationship. One day you just have to stop and look around you and think, "Do I want to spend the rest of my life being this person's punching bag just because they are clearly disappointed in the way their own life turned out and they dont know how to address their own feelings in a mature way?". Sometimes you have to stand up and say, " fuck this, I need to get away from you". If something or someone is making you feel dead inside, you need to make every effort to keep that person or substance as far away from your life as you can.

Listen to Thinking Twice below! All Attention On Your Emotions is out October 27.


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