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Better Love is out now!

Image: Supplied.

Having won the second season of UNDSCVRD Presented by Samsung, Ivana Ilic has unveiled her new single, Better Love. To celebrate the release and her recent win, the singer has shared with MILKY five things she learnt during her time on UNDSCVRD Presented by Samsung

“I would like this song to show and reflect that I have a powerful voice that needs to be heard through my music. That although it’s a song about someone being vulnerable, I want to show that’s it’s okay to feel like you don’t know what to do sometimes,” Ilic shares.

Following on from Perth singer-songwriter Taigh Wade's epic win last year, which saw him support Australian hitmakers The Veronicas in Melbourne, UNDSCVRD returned earlier this year searching Australia's next up-and-coming recording artist. The four-week vertical video series, exclusively broadcast on TikTok, offered five contestants a platform to grow their artistry and reach a whole new audience. We caught up with this years judge Tkay Maidza to chat about the program. Watch the interview here!

This is going to keep me awake for years and years and help me write thousands of songs and make lots of fans.

I learnt how to take care of my voice and things I can do to keep it at its best all the time...

This will help me for any future gigs or performances and even just in general so that my voice remains good for as long as it possibly can to perform, record and continue to make music.

I learnt how important networking is and how crucial connections and relationships with people are...

I feel as though knowing now how important maintaining good professional relationships with people are will definitely help me to have a good window of people who can support me and be there for me if I ever need help with anything the industry.

I learnt how to stay true to myself...

I feel like this is a big one that undscvrd taught me, being in that sort of environment sometimes it can be scary meeting a whole bunch of new people every day and wanting them to like you and want to work with you and the best way to do that is honesty just be yourself, and that’s exactly what I did and I will continue to do throughout my journey as an artist as that will help me not worry about those who don’t like and really focus on the fact that I am myself no matter what people say.

I learnt how to be professional within the studio and times where it was necessary...

This will help me when it comes to working with new people if I’m very professional then it will make working with me easier and make the people hopefully want to work with me more in the future.

I learnt how important it is stay connected to friends and family...

This will help me in years to come as if I stay connected to my family and friends I will always feel supported what people say or what people do or any obstacle I have as an artist I know that If I talk to my mum for example and stay connected with her it’s a layer of support that I have and need for the future.

Better Love is out now!


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