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Are You All In? is out now!

Image: Jamie Green.

Electro-pop artist Boo Seeka has returned with his new single, Are You All In?. To celebrate the release, the musician has shared with MILKY five moments throughout his career where he was 'all in.'

Are You All In? for me is a continued step into a new era of Boo Seeka. In the previous few years, I’ve probably had an emphasis on creating dance music, but looking forward to this new project, I’m really leaning into a sound that is really effortless, and isn’t forced into any sort of box or genre. I love rock, I love folk, I love dance, so why not take elements of them all and see how it goes.” the musician shares.

Boo Seeka is set to support Boy & Bear on their national tour, kicking off in Melbourne on june 16. The run of shows will continue on to Brisbane, Sydney and Perth, before wrapping up in Adelaide on July 15. Tickets are on sale now!


One of the biggest moments for myself was the decision Sam and I made after the rapid growth of our first single, ‘Kingdom Leader’. When we decided to fully commit to their music careers and pursue Boo Seeka despite Sam’s cadetship offer to become a pilot. This involved significant investments in time, energy and resources in writing, recording and performing and was definitely an ‘all in’ moment.


Another time when I’m ‘all in’ has got to be the tours. Touring can be exhausting and challenging, and requires full commitment, but it’s also a crucial part of building a fanbase and connecting with audiences. Our recently wrapped up Regional Tour spanned over 25+ shows across the country and was our biggest yet. It was truly a pleasure to bring our new tunes to these areas.


I absolutely love discovering and trying new cuisines from everywhere I tour. Just as much as music, it’s an integral part of Boo Seeka and my personal passions. The thrill of discovering hidden gem restaurants or trying unique dishes is just as exciting as making new music, and we can’t wait to show our fans more of this side of Boo Seeka with our upcoming ‘Food Seeka’ content. Stay tuned!


Another ‘all in’ moment would definitely have to be my progression as an artist over the years. From my roots in folk singer-songwriter, to elements of electronic-dance and indie, I’ve never shied away from making what I like to make. This new record is a true showcase of this and my most diverse range of tracks yet. As Boo Seeka continues to evolve and grow, we can’t wait to show the exciting new music we have in store.


Finding myself as an artist has been a journey of self-discovery and exploration. Through years of hard work and with the struggles of the recent COVID-19 lockdowns effectively shutting down the industry for two years, I’ve been able to continue developing my unique style that truly reflects who I am as an artist. Whether it’s performing live or working in the studio on this upcoming project, I’m always striving to grow as a musician and I feel truly fulfilled by the path I’m on.

Are You All In? is out now!

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