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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Finish What You Started is out now!

Image: Ned Kelly.

Australian electro-pop singer-songwriter Boo Seeka has dropped another banger with his new single, Finish What You Started. To celebrate the release, the musician is taking us behind the scenes of his process and shared with MILKY the five key ingredients of a Boo Seeka song!

Speaking of his latest offering, the musician shares: “We are all uncertain and sometimes scared in these crazy times, and we don’t know what the future holds. However, we all should keep chasing all the things that make us happy and define who we are. Always finish what you start no matter how long it takes – always follow your dreams.”

Boo Seeka is set to hit the stage at Fall In Love later this month, performing in Wollongong, Melbourne and Perth alongside Dom Dolla, Crooked Colours, Running touch and more. Tickets are on sale now.


It may be the vocal melody, vocal hook or even an instrumental melody but if I can’t remember it without having to write it down, it doesn’t make the cut. This has been my method since the very first song I wrote in Boo Seeka, and is something that has stayed with me for the entire process of this upcoming album.


Most of my songs are very simple chord progressions and very simple parts, but there are a lot of them. Most Boo songs have over one hundred and fifty layers that are built into one big wall of sound. Sometimes it can be as simple as one piano note that is constant throughout the whole song but only pops out at you when other layers disappear. Layers are like Boo family haha.


Most times the songs start out sounding very clean but once they are recorded, we always dirty some of these layers up. It has become one of the biggest methods in making the Boo sound and to be honest, I think that it started out as a mistake. It doesn’t happen on every layer but definitely a lot of the prominent ones that you hear throughout each track.


Most of the time I never write lyrics to a specific thing where the listener knows exactly what I’m talking about. Music is art. When you go to an art museum, an artist who creates abstract paintings will leave it up to the viewer to make their own meaning out of the painting. I try and do the exact same thing with my songs, and love hearing what Boo songs mean to a listener.


Most Boo songs always have the big ending, the big celebration, something that hasn't been given away in any other part of the song. I feel like most people that listen to Boo Seeka know that this is going to happen at the end of most songs. It differs in how big the ending is, but it’s my way of trying to keep the listener interested the whole way through the track.

Finish What You Started is out now!


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