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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Moon is out now!

Image: Supplied.

12-piece hip-hop collective Racka Chachi have treated us with their first offering of the year, Moon. To celebrate the release, MC and producer Levi James has shared five inspirations when it came to penning the single.

The dynamic release pairs rapid fire bars with groove-laden melodies, simmering above dynamic production. The track is all about accepting the world around you, and shaking off your own anxieties to enjoy life.

“I wrote Moon at a time when life started to fall into place for me. In my career, my artistry and my relationships. Ironically, A lot of things fell my way when I stopped trying so hard to make things be a certain way. I surrendered to life as it was and it became so much more than I could wish for”. shares member Levi James.


We are blessed to live on the west coast of Australia where most places are literally 20 minutes from the beach. West Coast Highway spans the entire metropolitan coastline and is one of the more scenic spots in Perth. While a popular spot during the day, the vibe is completely different once the takeaway coffees and activewear disappear. The air is cool, the sky is purple and the ocean acts as a mirror for the thousands of stars in the sky. You’re usually crammed into a car with your friends, playing music way too loud with all the windows down. We wanted to write a song to soundtrack those moments.


I went through my UK Garage phase relatively late compared to others. But we were very inspired by RnB and pop music coming out of the UK in the late 90’s that carried that UKG spirit with it. Craig David has a knack for making any tempo feel smooth and sexy so as we picked up the pace on Moon we knew where to look for guidance.


Speaking of the late 90’s, we were also very inspired by low fidelity video when making our single Moon. Many of us in Racka Chachi are visual artists too and find visual references to be important in directing our final sound. When hearing a draft of Moon for the first time, our video director and vibe man, Austy, knew exactly what visual world this song lived in. We felt like Calling back to a time where aspect ratios were boxy, pictures were pixelated and post-production effects were heavy handed would be appropriate for a song like Moon. Austy has blended old school digital camera shots with cinematic footage and film photography to create something retro but also stunning. You will see what we mean when we drop the music video for this one!


Lyrically, Moon is very much about getting out of your own way and going with the flow of the universe. Sometimes when we try really hard to force things it stifles the natural rhythm of the universe. Frustrated with many aspects of life last year, I decided to just surrender to whatever the universe had in store for me. It was on the back of this that a lot of things began to fall into place in creative, professional and personal aspects of my life. Sometimes the best thing you can do is control what you can control and let go of what you cannot control.


Where would we be without the Moon? Or as I like to call it, the ‘night sun’. By giving us tides and regulating our planet’s axis wobble, we owe a lot to the moon. Not to mention that it gives me just enough light to fumble around for and find my keys after getting home from a night out. Thanks Moon!

Moon is out now!


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