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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Still Calling is out now!

Image: Nicodemo Scali

Sydney based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist RAGEFLOWER has just dropped her new single, Still Calling. To celebrate the release, the artist has shared her thoughts on her favourite female songwriters with MILKY .

“Essentially, Still Calling is about the journey back to self and healing the inner child. It’s also about the consequences of suppressing trauma with destructive coping mechanisms. When I wrote the song I was in a dark place, I really felt that I had let myself down and that I had wasted my potential on temporary highs. At the time I was listening to a lot of music from my emo high school years (Bright Eyes, Tonight Alive, Sum 41) and connecting with the person I used to be, which really inspired the sound. I wanted to write a hyper dualistic song with verses that felt confessional and vulnerable but choruses that felt destructive and nihilistic.” the musician shares.


Joni Mitchell is, in my opinion, the greatest songwriter of our time. I don’t think there are enough words for how she has impacted my life and my appreciation for art and music. When I look at Joni’s catalog of music I see and hear the full artistic potential of humanity. My favourite album, Hejira, inspired me to start writing songs in guitar tunings of my own making. I remember hearing her speak about sitting down with her guitar and tuning it to the “sound of the day” - mind blowing. She just gets it. She is the pinnacle of artistic integrity and without her I would not be who I am, even though our musical styles are vastly different I consider her my biggest inspiration.


I am convinced Nai Palm is from another planet. Nobody does it like her. I’ve been a huge fan of Hiatus Kaiyote since their first album, but when Nai’s solo album Needle Paw came out in 2017 I found a whole new appreciation for her artistry and songwriting. Her track Homebody is one of the most soul-touching, healing pieces of music I have ever heard. I feel like Nai Palm is a gift from the universe, an example of the limitless expanse of musical expression.


The first time I heard Phoebe Bridgers I had just stumbled upon her song Scott Street off her album Stranger in the Alps - which piqued my interest because I had a close friend who lived on a street of the same name. I fell in love instantly, something about her writing reminded me of my childhood. I was a huge fan of Bright Eyes in high school so it made sense when I heard of their collaboration. When Punisher came out it blew my mind. I’m so inspired by her honest lyrics, I Know The End makes me sob every single time I listen - she is something special.


Uncompromising. That is the word I associate with Björk. The Icelandic sorceress is just unlike anyone or anything I’ve ever heard. To me, Björk is the epitome of self expression. She’s a triple Scorpio (sun, moon and rising) and I think that proves astrology has some merit at the very least. Her music is sex, death, pure, and uncompromisingly her own. The song Hyperballad was and is so ahead of its time. I remember hearing in an interview of Thom Yorke talking about her saying “It sounds totally out of control, her voice, but it’s not at all” and that is so on point. She just lets it rip, it sounds wild and accidental but she knows what she’s doing.


I don’t even feel worthy of speaking about Badu. She is next level. At least 10 years ahead of everyone else on this planet. She holds infinite soul, pure wisdom, and freedom. Erykah Badu is free. I love her so much. That is all I can say with words.

Still Calling is out now!


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