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Complacent is out now!

Image: Supplied.

Indie-rockers Super Ghost have dropped their new single, Complacent. To celebrate the release, frontman Alexander Shoesmith has shared with MILKY five artists who have inspired the band.

"Complacent is a heartfelt reflection on those moments in life when we find ourselves stuck in the comfort of the familiar, even if it's far from fulfilling. This song allowed me to express the mixed emotions of nostalgia and regret while also igniting a spark of hope for a better future." the band share.


When I was only a little kid, I remember turning on the radio one day and heard Faker's hit song This Heart Attack and for some reason I just got ridiculously obsessed with them. I remember trying to learn all the barre chords for their songs and as I grew older, I kept returning to their catalogue with a new appreciation for the production and inventive songwriting! Whenever we get into that writing phase, we somehow always end up talking about their first album and my love for them has infected the other guys a bit too!


We love to write music with a lot of energy and a little-bit of weirdness and since we started Super Ghost, we kept hearing about Bloc Party. We had listened to Silent Alarm, but never really did the deep dive. Their latest album Alpha Games is such an addictive record and we have been taking turns listening to it on repeat for the last year. Bloc Party toe the line between in-your-face attitude and deranged chaos that keeps us coming back for more.


We are an alternative rock band so you probably expected this one, sorry we couldn't be more original. Although when I was 14, I probably would've written-off the Arctic Monkeys as a lame Tumblr band but I have seen the error of my ways now, and Arctic Monkeys are awesome. We listen to Humbug a lot, which might not be the most popular album, but they incorporate a lot of really unique elements from other genres and are so talented at building tension in their songs.


Hudson started listening to Jeff Buckley a bunch when he was 17 and it inspired him to start playing guitar and writing music. Although our songs don't end up sounding anything like Jeff Buckley's songs, Hudson's experience with his music helped him develop a method for writing songs by trying to emulate some of Jeff Buckley's styles. Jeff Buckley's music is very diverse and has a wide range of different styles and intensities over a whole album or discography. That sort of freedom in his songwriting was the sort of mentality that we adopted as a band.


Delta Sleep is a more recent addition to our rotation as a band, we have been bumping them for over a year now though and still can't get over the consistency in their unique sound. Sometimes you find a band that has really honed in on their sound and their identity and Delta Sleep is one of these groups that just continues to deliver. Their Younger Years EP is one of our favourite records and their producer Mark Roberts is amazing. Complacent was actually mixed by Mark Roberts and the guys over at Delta Sleep put us into contact with him, so thanks for that guys! They're coming to Brisbane later this year actually, so if you see us drinking beers in the corner feel free to come over and say hi!

Complacent is out now!


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