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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Ciggies is out now!

Image: Kove Creative.

Sunshine Coast based group Dr Mann, the musical project of Danny Mann, recently shared their genre-fusing single, Ciggies. To celebrate the release, Mann has shared with MILKY five artists that have influenced his sound for the project.

“Ciggies definitely gives you an idea of the direction of the new material, think everything from War on Drugs, Mac Demarco, Evan Dando, Kurt Vile, Pavement, Peach Pit, The Church, Cigarettes After Sex and you will get an inclin' of what your ears can expect." the musician shares.

Ok hard to pin down 5 out of hundreds but i'll go with what comes to mind first.


I fell in love with them the first time I heard I wanna be adored, it had me take a deep dive into both albums and I'm still swimming in the Stone Roses psychedelic abyss. The rhythm section and guitars, the vocals, they are bad arse. If you haven't heard them before then I would recommend checking out I Wanna Be Adored and Fools Gold as a good starting point!


They are one of those bands who haven't released much music but what they have is just dreamy, mediative, seductive goodness. They definitely have had me trying to capture that vibe in various projects I have written music in. The cover they did of Keep On Loving You first got my attention and then I had them on repeat for months and still listen to them daily. His lyrics are quite creepy though if you listen, which is honest and I love it!


I fell in love with them after discovering the 2013 album One Track Mind. The single FBI sums up everything that I love about them. Space, vibe, tones. They will transport me to another place every listen for sure. They are from my fave city NYC too!


Ruban [Nielson] is such a gifted writer and producer covering sounds from Psych, alternative, dreamy disco, r&b and heavy psych rock. Haven't seen them live yet but I really want to. A total immersive soundscape


From him singing in french to goofball songs and matching videos what is not to love about Mac. He is so talented and has a sound which I both love and envy. He definitely influenced the song Ciggies and Im sure many more songs to come.

Ciggies is out now!


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