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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


vienna is out now!

Image: Liam Maxwell

British indie-rockers Ten Hands High have delivered their new single, vienna, ahead of their UK tour. To celebrate the release, the band have shared with MILKY the four things they're most looking forward to about hitting the road!

Serving as the final release of 'Phase 4' from the band, the down-tempo release captures the emotional torment of missing someone and recalling on moments shared together. Channelling English luminaries The 1975, mesmerising guitar melodies and atmospheric percussion unfurl throughout the song, whilst frontman Alexi Buckingham's lulling vocals float above.

“It’s a slow burning epic about missing someone you love and those memories you never forget. We love this song so much, it’s drenched in nostalgia and dreaminess. We really hope it does something to you xx" the band share.

Having kicked off the tour in Manchester, the run of shows will continue on to Sheffield tomorrow night, followed by Leeds, Bristol and London, before wrapping up in Brighton on December 9. Tickets are on sale now!


Joe’s hangovers are a big thing I’m looking forward to… Unfortunately, any more than 4 pints writes off his next day at least, and maybe more these days with his advanced years… But to his credit, he still goes for it, both after and during the gig, and then suffers the consequences the next day, but it makes me smile and reminds me of my youthfulness when I see him like that… Jokes, love you really Joey.


I'm mostly looking forward to our London show on the 4th November. It's by far our biggest show yet and is at a legendary venue (PowerHaus f.k.a. Dingwalls) where most of my favourite bands have played before when they were coming up. For the London shows a lot of our family and friends come along as well which makes them even more special. We also always like to add in some special surprises to our London sets so looking forward to doing that too!


I can’t wait to play new songs for the first time… We’ll be playing 3 songs we’ve never played live before on this tour which adds a really fresh element to our set so I’m super excited for that. I’m also really excited to expand the techy side of our shows because this time we’ve incorporated brand new musical elements like sample pads and Finn playing the keys during Vienna… It’ll be a challenge but it only makes things more exciting for us because the outcome is going to be so worth it.


I think I’m most looking forward to playing our new song Vienna at our London show. It’s been a real mission getting it to sound dreamy and epic enough because it has such a huge climax, but we’ve finally got there and it should hopefully be a really special moment. It means a lot to us this song so there might be some tears on stage and hopefully we can make everyone in the audience cry too… That’ll be fun… 500 people crying together… Joyous.

vienna is out now!


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