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Party…ahaha is out now!

Image: Michael Tartaglia

Perth bedroom producer and multi-instrumentalist Hector Morlet has treated us with his glistening new cut, Party…ahaha. To celebrate the release, the musician has shared with MILKY 10 things you need to know about your new favourite Australian artist.

The retro lo-fi track pairs feel-good sonics with introspective lyricism that explores wanting to have fun, but not being able to fully immerse yourself in cheerful moments. Morlet's dreamy vocals float above captivating swirling synth work, effortlessly weaving together threads of disco and bedroom pop, bringing nostalgic sounds into a contemporary landscape.

Party…ahaha is an amalgamation of half-baked thoughts on having fun,” says Hector of the track. “I like having fun, but sometimes I don’t feel like it. Or I do, but I can’t get there. Did I say they were half-baked? But I think it’s a feeling that everyone can relate to. The choruses aim to follow the positive feelings: the feelings of anticipation and excitement, and a feeling of an overwhelming indulgent joy. While the verses follow the feeling of uneasiness and the pressure to meet the mood of the party. The bridge orders the listener to ‘have fun now!’" Morlet details of the track.

"I wanted to briefly describe how absurd the idea of going to a party can be when you don’t feel like you can be cheerful. I wanted the instrumentation to follow these ideas. The chorus grooves jovially along and the verse stabs and agonises while the bridge creates a more absurd feeling with more elaborate harmony and instrumentation. I guess I wanted to point out that parties are more than just fun and joy. Maybe these thoughts weren’t so half-baked,”

Find out 10 things you need to know about Hector Morlet below!


My name spelled backwards is Telrom Rotceh.


I play keyboard for Jack Davies and the Bush Chooks. I’ve been friends with some of them for the better part of a decade and after we graduate from high school we decided to make a band around Jack’s music. He’s an incredible song writer and I’ve learned heaps from gigging with that lot (and had lots of fun).


I use a 60’s Harmony H25 Silouhette Bass to record. Its wiring is a bit broken or something so it buzzes heaps and I heard that it happens when guitars aren’t ‘grounded’. I have limited knowledge of electronics but I realised that it stopped when I touched the pickup, so I bent a wire around the pickup and looped it around my leg to ground it. It stopped buzzing so I consider it fixed! I recorded almost the whole EP like that.


The music video for Surprise! was a home job - I filmed and edited it myself. It was a really fun project and I didn’t have much else to do that week, so I was more that delighted to brush up my iMovie skills.


My partner, Leyla Allerton, embroidered and painted all of my record covers. They’re really good at art and stuff!!! They also sewed all my costumes because, you know, why not??


I like maths :0 (I studied maths & statistics at UWA). That ought to scare a few of yous off…


I live in Fremantle, WA and I don’t like cheesecake because it is possible to combine two incredible things and ruin them both.


I love Twin Peaks and books by Oliver Sacks. They’re both funny and cool and thought provoking.


My family has a history of salt addiction (my dad told me that).


I’m releasing an EP in April ;) I recorded and largely mixed it in my bedroom and I put my HEART and SOUL into it.

Party…ahaha is out now!


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