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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch our interview with Ziggy Ramo below!

Award-winning musician, rapper and producer of Wik and Solomon Islander heritage, Ziggy Ramo has shared his new single, Banamba. The song marks the first taste of the musicians forthcoming third studio album, Human?.

The track serves as an ode to change, honouring the pioneers who have tirelessly fought for equality and representation. Opening with Aboriginal leader King Burraga’s renowned 1933 address to the King, Ramo's emotive and poetic lyricism takes centre stage to create a moving piece that drives the message home. The songs visual is comprised of archival footage of protests throughout the nations history.

Banamba means change, from the Birri Gubba language. During a studiosession in 2021, Guyala Bayles shared the word with me and from conversation the song tookshape. Banamba acknowledges the cost of Blak resilience. This video is dedicated to all people who have fought to make a difference for our communities. It’s a celebration of those brave enough to stop oppressive forces.” Ramo shares.

Archival footage acts as a collage of Blak resistance: The 1965 Freedom Rides, 67Referendum, The Tent Embassy, Vincent Lingarri, Charlie Perkins ... protest after protest. We might go about it in different ways, and not always agree about the best path to take - but ultimately we all want change. May we never lose sight of our humanity. A banamba is coming.”

Having made his debut in 2016, Ramo released his acclaimed debut album, Black Thoughts, in 2020. Drawing on classic hip-hop, political fury, and collective trauma, the album documented Ramo's own lived experiences, addressing the silenced injustices of Aboriginal Australia and other social issues, using his voice as disenfranchised and dispossessed Aboriginal man. Last year, the release of his sophomore album, Sugar Coated Lies, offered personal insight and reflections on intergenerational trauma, whilst focusing on Australian South Sea Islanders and lived experiences.

Banamba is out now!


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