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Listen to the track below!

Image: Jade Elhers.

Los Angeles-based musician zach404 has dropped his new single, love song. The musical project of Zach DeGaetano, the singer, songwriter and producer is currently working on his debut EP.

Opening with lulling guitar melodies, DeGaetano's vulnerable vocals soon flow in, bringing introspective and reflective lyricism to life. The track explores the darker sides of a relationship, recalling on moments of hurt and toxicity in the guise of an anti-love song. “The song is actually more so me being honest and sort of a brat after a bad breakup,” says DeGaetano. “But who hasn't been guilty of that?"

Having written for a variety of artists and co-founded American folk-pop trio WILD, DeGaetano began working on material for his solo musical project whilst on tour with burgeoning pop star Tate McRae. Last year, he launched a collaborative project with friend and music director Carter Vaughan, dubbed goth gf.

love song is out now!


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