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Shoot Me in the Grocery Line is out now!

Image: Maya Luana.

Sydney-based duo youproblem have shared their new single, Shoot Me in the Grocery Line. To celebrate the release, vocalist Alana Patmore has shared with MILKY their favourite animated films!

I am a big fan of anything animated. I like to watch animation when I’m feeling sad, lost, exhausted, etc. Animation lets me escape reality and also makes me hopeful for the future - probably because it’s mostly aimed at kids. My band youproblem have just released a new song and music video called Shoot Me in the Grocery Line, so to get to know us a bit more, I’ve made a list of my favourite animations!


Is a favourite movie the one you thought was the best, or the one you rewatch the most? Both are valid, imo. Ratatouille is definitely my most rewatched film so I’m gonna start with it. I’m a big fan of a rats to riches story. I think about the scene where Remy tries to make Emile understand food flavours with the cheese and the grape at least two times a week. It just gives me a nice feeling, I like the characters, and no matter how many times I rewatch it I don't get bored of the storyline. It’s under-ratted, imo. I also love that it’s set in Paris, and I definitely listened to that one ratatouille song when I visited Paris earlier this year.

Special mention to Inside Out which I also equally rewatch, and also Kung Fu Panda. See, there’s a lot to choose from.


I’m a big fan of low expectations, high reward, and I found this the most with The Croods. The Croods may have made this list because I had very low expectations for it, but i stand by it being a really good film. It definitely speaks to all my daddy issues and family trauma, but at the end of the day it’s a solid adventure for the family, with good character development, comedic timing, and an end scene that has made me cry the few times I’ve watched it.

Honourable mention to other unexpected good movies that you should watch: Turbo, The Good Dinosaur, Storks.


Treasure Planet gets a mention because it’s Alistair's (the other half of youproblem) favourite animated film. Alistair says he liked the way the story unfolds, and all the cool sci fi rebel pirate kinda things. I think it’s because Alistair looks like the main character.

All I’ll say is I think the movie is way better than the book. Cyborg pirate is pretty cool.


Bob's Burgers is my current binge so when it comes to series my brain can’t think of anything else right now. I’m up to season 10 and I started around a month ago. It took me a while to get into it, but I am definitely obsessed with it now. I love that all the characters are so chaotic except Bob (mostly), who’s just left to deal with the mess.

In terms of honourable mentions, I’d just like to say that I like animation enough to have watched both How to Train Your Dragon Netflix series spin-offs and the new Kung Fu Panda one. I also really liked The Dragon Prince, which is on netflix, mainly for the animal sidekick Toad.


I love history so I’m already down with the story of Anastasia, but the real reason I chose this film is the music! We all know and love so many animated movie soundtracks, but Anastasia has some of my favourite songs. One of the first songs I ever released (in 2015 when i was still in high school) was inspired by one of the musical numbers in Anastasia. Once Upon a December is genuinely so beautiful, and Rasputin's villain song is straight fire. It helps that I think this soundtrack is slept on compared to other more popular animation soundtracks.

How to Train your Dragon is also an honourable mention for best music, it’s one of my favourite film soundtracks period.

I’m definitely going to read this back and be mad that I forgot some of my favourites, but you get the gist. Anyway, go watch our new music video for ‘Shoot Me in the Grocery Line’, which is about seeming tough on the outside but revealing you’re not okay when you run into your ex at a grocery store. The video was done guerilla style, asking for forgiveness rather than permission, and our director had a broken leg, but it all worked out great!!

Shoot Me in the Grocery Line is out now!


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