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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Supplied.

Adelaide punk-rock outfit Wolf & Chain have shared the 80's prom themed visual for their latest single, An Honest Mistake. The track is taken from the five-pieces explosive debut EP of the same name.

Taking inspiration from clips from Fall Out Boy and films such as Carrie, Sixteen Candles, and Back To The Future. the visual is an expansion of the themes explored throughout the EP, which took on a conceptual narrative that revolves around a preacher who builds a cult-like following of misfits to mould the world into his own vision. Complete with jocks, goths and cheerleaders, Wolf & Chain take you back to high school as the preacher takes control of the students and teachers.

Speaking of the visual, band member Jack Cumes shares: "We wanted to take some of the concepts and emotions from the EP and basically apply them to an 80s prom. So the band are cure-esque goths that use their cult-like powers to sway the prom. The clip is something that was maybe not what you would necessarily expect from a band like us and take the grand narrative we explored in the EP to a different place."

The band will return to the stage next month, performing their first headline show of 2021 at Adelaide's Lions Art Factory, with Terra (Melbourne) and Agapanther (Adelaide) coming along for the ride. Tickets are available here.

An Honest Mistake is out now! Watch the music video below.


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