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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


The release arrives alongside a 90’s-capsule fisheye visual

Image: Jordan Munns.

ARIA double-platinum six-piece collective, Winston Surfshirt have joined forces with Australian DJ and producer Young Franco on Complicated. The groove laden track arrives alongside an official visual, directed by Turk Lees.

Winston’s smooth falsetto vocals float above a simmering bassline, building up to a catchy hook soundtracked by Young Franco's synth mastery. Bringing their signature fusion of funk and hip-hop to the track, the song is all about not letting those pesky small things leave an effect, and dancing the night away.

“Been a fan of Young Franco’s beats for a while, and known him for a couple of years with many mutual friends but we never worked on music together, which I thought was a crime. I hit him up in March this year and jumped in the studio with him for a day. We flicked through a few beats of his and when I heard this one it hit me instantly, felt like me and fit perfectly with the third album that was already nearly done. I think the gist of the words were written in the first couple takes of messing about, the chorus just happened and stuck, and it took about an hour of singing before the song was pretty much done. An upbeat tune that somehow forces you to dance.” Winston shares of the collaboration.

Young Franco adds, “I’ve known Winston for a little while through Cosmo’s Midnight & the Astral People fam, plus they make amazing music. When we got into the studio earlier this year I showed him a demo I had worked on a while back with legend Jonti. He immediately started writing to it. I knew once we had a rough vocal down this was gonna be a special record. I've always wanted to work with Winston, it's even more special when he’s a lovely guy & so is the rest of the band."

Complicated is out now! Watch the visual below.


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