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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Supplied.

Melbourne-based R&B artist Will Clift has dropped his debut EP Coast. The release includes the singles How, Fall In Love and Get By.

Drenched in summer R&B vibes, the release highlights the musicians effortless vocals, set atop rich instrumentation and feel-good ambience. Meandering between moments of soul and intimacy, the six tracks expert exhibit the versatility and texture of Clift’s voice, creating moments of R&B heaven. Clift takes us on a full-circle journey throughout the release, starting and ending with acoustic sounds. But the wild twists and turns throughout make for a captivating listen, full of catchy melodies and lyricism, but also moments of introspective reflection.

Ranging from quick-fire vocals to mesmerising falsetto, the release infuses a variety of sonic sounds and instrumentation. Fall In Love weaves in the funkiest guitar chords, whilst Noosa is a percussion led track that oozes with warm organ sounds. The fast paces Red Heels includes fast bars from Strictly D.T. and juxtaposes the the warm and earthy tones of opener How. Get By almost has inflections of blues and roots made complete with some stellar muted bass riffs, before the EP closes with the pared back Letting Go.

Sharing some insight into the process and inspiration behind the release, Clift shares: “The process of putting this project together has been a huge learning experience for me over the last two years. I’ve worked with so many amazing people and I’m so grateful for their help. The project is inspired by positive experiences and good times, so I hope it evokes those feelings when people listen. I think the EP shows my versatility and hopefully potential for the future. The final touches of the EP and both the music videos were recorded during the pandemic so there were definitely a few ups and down as well as improvising things last minute, but overall I’m extremely excited to show everyone what I’ve been working on!”

Coast is out now! Listen to the EP below.


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