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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Oat Milk is out now!

Image: Frankie Napier.

Naarm singer-songwriter Harris is back with his new single, Oat Milk. To celebrate the release, the musician has shared with MILKY some ways to use oat milk you may not have thought of.

Speaking of the track, the musician shares “it's about that period when you’re still feeling each other out and learning things about each other. The excitement, the intensity, the fear, the anxiety and then the eventual comfortability. I wrote 'Oat Milk' in my old house in Carlton during the Melbourne lockdowns. Although it was a difficult period, it was also the first time in my life where it felt like I had limitless time to be creative.”

To celebrate the release, Harris will return to the stage this December for an exclusive headline show. Taking place at Melbourne/Naarm's Northcote Social Club on December 15, tickets are on sale now!


Making a lasagna? Use Oat Milk in your Béchamel Sauce. Follow any usual Béchamel Sauce recipe from the internet, but sub out regular milk for Oat Milk. To make it fully dairy free, you can sub out the Parmesan with nutritional yeast flakes. Boom!

Handy tip: make the Béchamel Sauce the day before you are making the lasagna.


Use Oat Milk in your Banana smoothie! Makes it even thicker and sweeter. Oh, and pro tip, add some real oats and peanut butter. You’ll thank me later!


Want younger looking skin? Fill your bathtub with oat milk. Approximately 30 bottles should do it. Then sit in the bath for 40min or until you feel a slight tingling. Repeat this everyday until you get that Dorian Grey glow.


Have time to kill? Pour a bottle of oat milk onto your kitchen floor. Any non-absorbent surface will do, best to avoid carpets. Then stare at the puddle and think about every mistake you have ever made for roughly 10min. Note: time may vary depending on personal capacity for shame.


Upcycle your old oat milk cartons! Start by cutting your bottle lengthwise with either scissors or a box cutter. Then clean out the carton thoroughly. Then go to a pet store and buy a goldfish. Boom now you’ve got a new pet and a home for it! Note: Don’t forget to feed your new pet Steve after a particularly long week and then come home to find him floating upside down in the old oat milk carton. It may make it hard to stomach oat milk for a few weeks after the incident.


Want to work through some childhood trauma? Time yourself going to the milk bar down the road and buying a bottle of oat milk and a pack of Bond Street Gold cigarettes and then come back home. It only takes 10 to 15min, not 15 years. So where are you Dad? Why is it taking so long?


Fuel getting too expensive? Pour oat milk into your car's fuel tank instead of petrol. It might destroy your car and it might not. That’s exciting. For an extra bit of adventure: after filling up the tank, drive the car on the Princes Highway towards Geelong. Take your girlfriend and tell her you want to go on a hike. See how far you get before you break down. Then when you break down, tell her about the Oat Milk in the fuel tank. A fight is almost guaranteed to ensue.

Oak Milk is out now!


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