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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


The Melbourne duo also announced their album Second Body

Image: Simon Lam

Melbourne duo Two People have not only dropped their new single Someone To Serve, the duo have also announced their sophomore album is due out next month!

The pulsing, energetic track explores the intensity of a period of time the duo, made up of Phoebe Lou and Joey Clough were anxiously awaiting the release of their debut studio album, First Body.

Someone To Serve is like a dystopian rock song. We started writing the track back around 2018, when our first record was finished but prior to its release” the band said in a statement. “There was all this angst and fight in us that was coming from the limbo phase we were in, so we captured it. We wanted to make something that felt really urgent and yet totally conscious, you know like grabbing the bull by its horns.”

Two People’s sophomore album, Second Body, was written immediately after the duos debut release. Written in a rustic cabin situated on the windswept coastline of Skenes Creek along the Great Ocean Road, the pair took the tracks back to St Kilda, recording them with Simon Lam. The nine track record is an expansive collection of songs, containing the duos signature sounds

On the record, the band released in a statement, “This record is all about movement, growth, large spaces, bold lines, curves and bravery. It’s the tone that our first record only hinted at. First Body was all about us exploring new sounds, feeling out edges, working with raw and fragile parts. Second Body is definitive, deliberate and assertive. It’s more fierce and a little bit more fun….”

Someone To Serve is out now, watch the music video below! Second Body is out August 28.


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