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Listen to the song below!

Image: Supplied.

Singer-songwriter and producer, Tommy Harris has returned with his new single, Say Goodbye. The release serves as the first taste of new music since the release of the musicians 2021 EP, Butterflies & Feels.

Produced by Australian-Japanese music producer and artist Taka Perry (Ruel, Denzel Curry, GoldLink) and mixed by Liam Quinn (ProdByQuinn), the emotion-fuelled release explores the demise of a relationship. Brought to life with evocative lyricism and alluring melodies, Harris gives a vulnerable vocal performance atop refined indie-pop sonics.

Say Goodbye was one of those songs that just wrote itself in like a day because the emotions and what I was feeling were hitting so hard. It’s about finding the right person at the wrong time and being forced to end things with someone really special even if neither of you want to.” the musician shares. “The circumstances weren’t on our side and ending a connection like that when you’re only getting started is one of the hardest things to do. It’s all about saying goodbye even though it’s the last thing you want.”

Growing up by the seaside town of Sandringham, Melbourne, Harris' interest in music began through observing his father play the guitar. Foraying into writing and production, Harris is establishing himself as one of Australia's most engaging emerging artists.

Say Goodbye is out now!


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