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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Supplied.

DIY indie-rock artist Timi Temple set the bar high when he created the worlds largest game of Snakes & Ladders. But he's back with another stellar new tune, the bittersweet Just A Phase.

Produced and mixed by the musician himself, the indie-rock track navigates the emotions of losing someone to suicide. Temple brings his signature evocative lyricism, paired with a pensive and compelling vocal performance. The track builds to its uplifting bridge, before pulling back and closing with an intimate moment from the artist.

“’Just A Phase’ is a song dedicated to my little sister. I wrote the song filled with emotional fervour after having dinner with my sister and consoling her through her first experience with a friend taking their own life. I say the first experience solemnly, because as a creative, depression and addiction is rampant and sadly it’s taken many of my friends. The lyrics unfold chronologically as my sister describes the events leading up. It follows the ubiquitous path of anxiety, addiction, prescription, ostracization, loneliness, then escape.” the musician shared of the release.

Temple has taken to the stage at mammoth festivals such as Splendour in The Grass, Field Day, Listen Out, Yours & Owls and Falls Festival. The musician has toured the country over, selling our venues across NSW, and supported the likes of Baker Boy, Kilter, Cosmo’s Midnight and Bootleg Rascal.

Just A Phase is out now!

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