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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Jon Hart

Australian musician has unveiled his third solo-record, Winning Hand. Documenting his own personal experiences and tales told from those he encountered on the road, the record takes listeners on a journey that exists somewhere between a personal diary and travel book.

Expertly exhibiting Hart's masterful lyricism, the record tackles topics of longing, love and, at times, heartbreak. Speaking exclusively to MILKY earlier this year, Hart shared: "This record was a bit of an exercise in me stepping away from tracking all the instruments myself and moving to a more collaborative session. Bringing great players in and trusting them to bring great energy and vibes to live takes was a real difference for me. I guess also bringing in a string section and horn players to fully recognise what I had in my head was a new concept for me. I guess the Boy & Bear records over the years have shown me the benefits of this sort of approach."

Winning Hand marks the first time the Boy & Bear drummer and vocalist has enlisted a full-band on his solo musical ventures, having usually tracked and recorded each instrument himself. The record is set to showcase the growth and maturity of Hart's songwriting prowess and document stories of love, heartbreak and longing. The album was recorded at Golden Retriever Studios with engineer Simon Berkelman in 2019, with only one track recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic at the musicians home in Brisbane

Winning Hand is out now!


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