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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Nick Bunting.

These New South Whales are back with their first taste of new music for the year with Remote Control.

Bringing their particular brand of punk to the track, the track navigates emotions of fear and confusion during uneasy times, inspired by the COVID-19 lockdowns. The release is accompanied by an official visual, featuring live footage of the four piece whilst the songs lyrics appear on screen.

Of the track, the band share, We wrote and recorded this track in a brief period of time between the two Melbourne lockdowns, alongside our last single, ‘Broken System’. The lyrics are subconscious musings on lockdown and isolation, and the collective sense of fear and confusion. I found it quite perplexing that people who were ordinarily quite distrusting and critical of the government were so quick to fall in line, and vice versa.”

The punchy and captivating track comes after a massive 2020 for the band, having dropped new music launched their own podcast, a second TV series, and an affiliate-status Twitch channel, all while going viral on TikTok.

Remote Control is out now! Watch the visual below.


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