Watch the visual below!

Image: Jordan Malane.

Illawarra six-piece The Pinheads have made their return with their killer new track, Heart of Darkness. The release arrives alongside an official visual, piecing together clips and animations by band members Luke Player, with additional FX by James Kates.

Recorded and mixed by frontman Jez Player at The Pinshed and mastered by Joe Carra at Crystal Mastering, the blistering track is built upon bright and melodic guitar work that oozes beneath Player's captivating vocal performance. The songs visual takes its inspiration from the bands time spent in Texas for SXSW, and the characters they met along the way.

"Lyrically, it's the story of someone getting deeper and deeper into a realm of insanity or something very strange, which is mirrored by the way the song gives you a feeling of a weird night out where you can feel a flowing force that pulls you along." the band share.

Heart of Darkness is out now!