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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Australian alt-pop duo The Beamish Brothers are back with their new track, Dollar At The Heart. The release is accompanied by a retro visual.

The brother duo shine on the track, where they navigate themes of greed and corruption in the workplace. The visual uses vivid imagery to bring the track to life, set within an 70's inspired office setting. Directed by Connor Armitage, the visual depicts the brothers and their co-workers taking a stand against corporate corruption.

Speaking of the visual, the dup share: “One thing we all just knew from the beginning was that the music video would incorporate a vintage 70s cubicle building aesthetic. It’s oddly specific but it just felt so right for the song. That era really feels like the peak time for office layouts which now seem symbolic of “working for theman”, plus it matches the retro sounds we used in the production of the song. We hope themusic video leaves people feeling fired up and ready to challenge our systems, whether through activism or through song and dance!”

Predominantly written by Jeremy, the inspiration for the song came from the musicians partner: While working a 9 to 5 job, my partner found himself under incredible mental strain from his wealthy superiors,” tells Jeremy. “I was just shocked to hear about the complete mistreatment of employees despite that workforce being completely crucial to the company’s profits! After creating the demo in a storm of rage-inspired creativity, I took it to my brother, Ben, and we finished off the production together.”

The track is a hint at what is to come from the duo in their future releases, with the band set to tackle a number of social issues within their music with the intention of starting conversation around the topics.

Dollar At The Heart is out now! Watch the music video above.


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