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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Sophie Alexandrou.

Teenage Joans are back with another taste of the forthcoming EP, with their new single, Ice Cream. The duos debut EP, Taste Of Me, is set to drop this May, the band will be hitting the road next month, The Chats on their east coast tour with Bugs.

Bringing their infectious brand of indie-rock to the track, Ice Cream navigates those feelings when you try your best time and time again, only to go unrewarded. Speaking of the track, the duo share: “Ice Cream is about feeling like your best just isn’t good enough. Sometimes in life it feels like you’re trying so much harder than the people around you, but you’re still falling behind (like getting a head start in the race of life, but still placing last). We wanted people screaming along to wanting to feel better, like a toddler screams about wanting their ice cream. One of our favourite things to do in our songs is juxtaposing serious topics using childlike metaphors to get the point across in a different way”

Since bursting onto the scene, the duo have released a string of singles and gone on to share the stage with the likes of Ruby Fields, The Hard Aches, Clowns, Towns and Bec Stevens, and secured a spot at Laneway Festival 2019 as part of the Girls Rock! Showcase. The duo performed a sold-out debut headline show before winning the "South Australian Best Live Act" in the 2019 National Live Music Awards.

Ice Cream is out now! Listen to the track below.


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