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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Danni Bishara

New Zealand musician Teeks has just released his long awaited debut album Something To Feel. This comes with the news that the singer will be taking this album one the road.

Something To Feel is an exploration of emotion and purpose, with the musician taking on the role of writer and producer, working alongside producer and engineer Simon Gooding. Teeks takes listeners on a musical odyssey with 12 expertly crafted tracks that explore topics such as love, self-knowledge and emotional vulnerability. On Something To Feel, the musician examined an introspective period of his life, where he looked into the range of emotion, ultimately surrendering to that idea. Whilst also looking into the rejection of colonised ideas of masculinity. The artist embraced the worldview of his indigenous people, the duality of Te Ao Māori. Creating a unique, strong and powerful body of work.

“Coming into this new album, writing about myself and how I am navigating my own emotions internally, and the whole ocean of what that is,” he starts. “I have always tried to suppress so much of me. This album is me telling myself that it’s okay to feel something. Life is not worth living if you don’t feel something.”

Commencing with the release of the albums first single Without You, Teeks created the foundations for what audiences could expect next. This preceded the release of two EP’s during lockdown I and II followed by his sold out tour, The Invitation Tour, offering some much needed distraction from the stagnant nature of the year. Teeks capped this off by releasing his greatest love song to date Remember Me. Making his directorial debut in creating the music video alongside director Ray Edward and producer Mia Henry-Teirney.

Teeks brings his soul infused vocals to a collection of emotional pieces, creating comfort within a creative sphere.

Something To Feel is out now.


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