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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


The song appears on the freshly released Red (Taylor's Version).

Not even giving us a minute to recover from the phenomenal short film for the ten minute version of All Too Well, global superstar Taylor Swift has dropped a new music video, I Bet You Think About Me.

Directed by actress Blake Lively, the release stars Miles Teller as Swift’s ex-lover preparing for his wedding day and seeing the singer at every turn. Swift pops up throughout the day, gifting her former partners’ new wife the infamous red scarf from All Too Well, teaching the children at the kids table some new tricks and tasting some of the cake before joining Teller on the dance floor in a wedding gown. Swift walks away as her gown transforms to red as she is joined by her band, including collaborator Aaron Dessner, performing the song to wedding guests. Could the motif of Swift appearing at her former lovers wedding be a hint that the next re-recorded album will be 2010’s Speak Now?

Appearing on the freshly released Red (Taylor's Version), the track features additional vocals from country music legend Chris Stapleton, and is one of the hotly anticipated 'from the vault' tracks on the re-release. Swift retains her country accent on the track, as she ruminates on a pretentious ex-lover who lost the best thing he ever had.

Red (Taylor’s Version) is the latest in a string of re-recorded albums from the singer, made complete thirty tracks, including a number of unreleased songs that existed within fandom folklore. Songs fans never knew existed, and the infamous ten minute version of one of the greatest songs Swift has ever blessed us with, All Too Well. Earlier this year, Swift released her first re-recorded album, Fearless (Taylor’s Version).

In 2019, after the private sale of the masters of her first six studio albums, Swift announced she planned to re-record the albums in an attempt to devalue the original masters. Having not been offered the chance to purchase the masters herself, Swift’s former label sold their catalogue, in a move that the singer stated “Stripped me of my life’s work”. As of November last year, Swift has been able to begin re-recording her first five albums.

Red (Taylor’s Version) is out now!


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