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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Alex Haygarth

Last week, Tame Impala celebrated the 10th anniversary of InnerSpeaker with the release of a new short film documentary, limited edition vinyl and new merchandise. Today, Kevin Parker has announced InnerSpeaker Live From Wave House, a streaming concert event taking place on Wednesday 21 April via the premium digital live platform Moment House.

The live-stream performance will see the band perform their debut album in full, streamed live from Perth's Wave House, the studio where the album was created. Taking place on April 21, tickets are on sale now.

Recorded in 2009 in Western Australia, InnerSpeaker was Parker’s first full length record, serving as the catalyst for the iconic psych-tinged soundscape that is synonymous with the group. The critically acclaimed record was released in 2010, winning the J Award Australian Album of the Year, Rolling Stone’s Album of the Year and receiving multiple ARIA Award nominations.

Parker spoke to MILKY after his sweep of wins at last years ARIA Awards to chat about the evolution of Tame Impala since the release of InnerSpeaker in 2010 and the significance of their debut albums ten year anniversary. The musician shared: “I think naturally it’s changed a lot, which is only because I love to evolve as an artist. I love to do different things. It would kind of sad and me if I was doing the same thing for ten years. Like if It happened to be that ten years later the albums kind of sound the same it would be kind of like, you know, ‘what am I doing here?’ But yeah it’s a really emotional, really emotional experience thinking about that album being 10 years old and going I’m going like wow that’s who I was then, that was the music I was making then and this is who I am now. Which is kind of all part of it I guess.”


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