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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Supplied.

UK-based alt-rockers Superlove have unveiled their new EP, …but for the moment. The release arrives alongside an official visual for The People You'll Love Forever.

The five-track release sees the band continue their perfect blend of harmonious pop within a rock infused soundscape whilst exploring deep hitting themes. Bringing their certain brand of charm to each track, the EP was created during the lockdown period, with the group using their newfound free time to push their sonic boundaries, and experiment with their sound.

"We wanted to write a brand-new EP that had no limitations on genre, but also to take a step into a direction we maybe hadn’t gone with our debut EP. The heavier side of the band’s sound needed to be heightened as well as the synthetic sound. It was recorded and produced purely by us and we hope that bedroom/DIY feel comes across when listening as we’re such big fans of when music is recorded that way and it always has digital feel which was a big aim for the overall sound. We hope people see this EP as our bands “in between project” until we can get back to some normality. That’s where the name “...but for the moment” came from. Meaning we can’t go out and do what we normally would right now, but here’s this bunch of music until we can!" Superlove share.

With over 400,000 streams to their name, the band have shared the stage with the likes of Roam, Dream State, Stand Atlantic & Vukovi. Watch the visual for

…but for the moment is out now!


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