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Listen to the track below!

Australian artist Sunday shared their new single, Whisper In Me. The track serves as the lead single from the singers debut album, Kintsugi.

Delving into a nostalgia-fuelled sonic realm, the track weaves together threads of electronica and contemporary disco to create a frenzied soundscape that lures the listener in whilst Sunday's droning vocals unfurl above. Conceptually, Whisper In Me comments on the attachment and dichotomy of love and lust, and the lingering emotions that can remain once a relationship has run its course.

Speaking of their debut body of work, Sunday shares: “Kintsugi has been years in the making and has covered a lot of big emotional events in my life that have made me question the very basis of the human condition. Much like the art of kintsugi [sic], I feel it’s been a process of rebuilding and putting back together the parts to make something

Kintsugi is out now!

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