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The duo have also shared an abstract visual for the track, directed by Harry Steel.

Image: Supplied.

Bristol based electronica duo Sun Spot have unveiled their contemplative new track, Mercury, via Rosecoloured Records. The release arrives alongside an abstract visual, directed by Harry Steel.

The spatial and atmospheric track conceptually navigates crumbling under the spotlight and the importance of keeping grounded when you're surrounded by mayhem. Mercury successfully embodies the confronting emotions of vulnerability and anxiety, with frontman Will Palmer's mesmerising distorted vocals wrapping themselves around the listener, creating an intimate connection through relatable lyricism and delicate vocal performance.

Scintillating production creates a soundscape that provokes introspective thought, with synthesised ambient sonics and swelling harmonies woven throughout the track. Mercury brings the sophisticated production that could slot in perfectly on a record from The 1975.

Speaking of the track, frontman Will Palmer shares: "I think a lot of people would struggle to make sense of the last year - myself included. I was feeling disorientated to say the least and self-medicating in ways that perhaps weren't the healthiest... For me, this song symbolised a fresh start, and it began with the idea of floating through space calmly and peacefully and just watching the world go by. Is this manifesting destiny?"

The musical project of George Turner and Palmer, the pair met whilst studying in college and originally began working together in a former band, before venturing out and creating Sun Spot. Taking inspiration from a vast selection of genres, Sun Spot have been firmly cementing their place as one of the most exciting up-and-coming dream-pop duos in the game.

Mercury is out now! Listen to the track below.


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