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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Listen to the track below!

Image: Richmond Kobla Dido.

Wollongong-based musician Stevan has delivered his first tune of the year with Reptilian. Never disappointing, the track is the latest in a string of bangers from the musician and leans into a more disco-meets-rock sonic realm to create a dynamic listening experience fuelled by Stevan's compelling vocals.

“The oldest layer of the brain is called the reptilian brain. It is composed of the brainstem (medulla, pons, cerebellum, midbrain, globus pallidus, and olfactory bulbs) – the structures that dominate in the brains of snakes and lizards.” Stevan says of the songs inspiration.

Last year, Warner Music Australia announced their global partnership with Purple Phase, a new label run by brothers Zaac, Sam and Elliott Margin from the platinum selling group The Rubens, and their managers Greg Carey and Michael Ridgewell. Serving as the labels first official signing, Stevan released his first single via Purple Phase/Warner Music Australia, Crash, which saw him team up with Virginia based indie artist Tommy Richman.

Reptilian is out now!


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