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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


D.R.E.A.M.S is out now!

Image: Supplied.

Sydney pop-punk band SoSo have dropped their new single, D.R.E.A.M.S, alongside the announcement their sophomore EP will arrive next February. To celebrate the release, the five-piece have shared with MILKY the wildest dreams they've ever had!

"So-called friends told me music wasn’t for me, to give up, that I could never get anywhere with it. If I had taken the advice of those ‘friends’ and given up way back then instead of following my dream, then we’d never have created SoSo." frontman Rhys de Burgh shares.

"To whoever listens to D.R.E.A.M.S – if you want to create, if you want to chase something different and unique, just go and do it. Don’t give a fuck whether those around you approve or not, just go do what you love."


Okay, so I’m the kinda person who thinks dreams have meaning right? Well, I have no idea what this dream meant….so in this dream, I had somehow managed to get myself into a classic, spaghetti-Western style Mexican stand-off. Typical cliche scene - sun in the sky bearing down, sweltering heat, sweat dripping from my face hidden under a big cowboy hat. Essentially picture me as a Clint Eastwood character. The big difference here was, my enemy standing across from me was a Gecko. With a gun. A person-sized Gecko vs. Clint Eastwood me in this Mexican stand-off. So the tension builds and we finally draw out guns - but mine doesn’t fire. It’s empty. Mr. Gecko dude smiles at me and starts firing, but now I’m running at him and dodging his bullets. I reach him, tackle him and start choking him out. Then I look over at his friend - who just so happens to be a giant/human-sized tongue with arms and legs, in full cowboy attire and scream out “you’re next”, which prompts tongue man to run off in fear of his life. So….anyone want to tell me what the hell that dream meant?


Weirdest that I can remember. Had a dream IKEA sold about 8 different combinations of miniature formula one tracks, in pieces that fit together and could be rearranged. I’m in the middle of nowhere and I’d bought one of these sets, had a miniature formula one car that was surprisingly accurate, hopped in and went around the track in 4 seconds - which I thought was amazing but of course, my brother then goes around the track in 2. I wonder if I’d actually dreamt about slot cars, because the car was sort of locked into the track, and that I was just really miniature.


The strangest dream I ever had was on night three of one of those long-weekend benders. Picture a classic zombie apocalypse scene, crossed with one of those John Wick films and I’m Keanu Reeves with a crowbar. I am absolutely ripping shit up, and looking good doing it. I’ve thrown my crowbar up in the air in full-on kung-fu style and caught it… with my face… right in the middle.

At this point, I’ve woken up and the impact of the weapon hitting my face must have somehow transferred out of the dream and into real life because I found myself lying face down but having launched my head backwards off the pillow with all the strength and flexibility of a yoga master, not someone on day three of a bender.


I once had a dream where my bed turned into Mr. Yawn (pictured, popular 90s mattress mascot), and he chased my friends and me around town. As he got closer, we became more tired and in need of something soft to rest on. My friends were slowly passing out one by one, falling into the clutches of Mr. Yawn and his wide-open mouth (that kinda resembles a piss stain). Alas, he finally cornered me. He started hovering towards me with arms out and mouth wide open. As I felt myself quickly blacking out, completely frozen in fear, I started snoring at him as loud as I could. But that wasn't enough. He eventually got the better of me, and then I came to, face down in my pillow, gasping for air with a face full of Kmarts finest memory foam. I'm actually convinced it was Freddy Krueger disguised as Mr. Yawn.


So weirdly I don’t dream, I can’t remember if I ever have but, if I have, then it’s been a very long time, is that weird? Having said that I talk constantly in my sleep, maybe my brain decided to have all my dreams with my outside voice instead of my inside voice.

I’ve had full-on conversations with people in my sleep and can’t remember a single second of it, some of them have been pretty cooked from what they tell me.

D.R.E.A.M.S is out now!


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