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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos



Image: Supplied.

It may not be the Valentine’s Day release we were expecting, but it’s the Valentine’s Day release we deserve. London based DIY outfit Sorority have delivered the goods on their stellar EP, Legalise Love. The genre-bending release conceptualises itself around the universal theme of love, bringing their particular brand of DIY production to collection of songs.

Opening with the psychedelic synth sounds of Two Timing, the love story explored on the release may be off to a rock start, but our love affair with the duo is just heating up. Feeling like a cut straight out of the late 60’s, the infectious track sets the scene for the sensory experience that is to follow. The duo move on to tackle the toxicity that can arise in a relationship on That Feeling’s Gone, serving as a love song that conceptually navigates an unstable relationship. The apocalyptic funk track fuses together influences ranging from Beefheart to Madonna, resulting in a unique sonic soundscape that both refreshing and charming.

Don’t Doubt My Heart has sonic moments reminiscent of 70s Brazilian music and the genres chord structures, creating a vibrant track full of smooth verses and melodic choruses. Whereas Live Outside finds its strength with glorious harmonies, inciting callbacks to tracks from the legendary George Michael.

Complete with sultry spoken vocals, the EP’s closer Love Is The Drug serves as the final chapter in this psych tinged exploration of the many facets of love. Lyrically exploring the power and hold love can radiate, the track is built upon scintillating synths when paired with funky guitars creates the soothing psych-tinged goodness laced throughout the release.

This Valentine’s Day, Sorority are here to fill your heart with happiness and joy, no matter what you’re feeling towards that pesky emotion, love. The release intricately weaves themes of love in all its facets atop an effortlessly breezy soundscape, mesmerising listeners with Mysteron synths, shimmering vocals and some good old fashioned funk based guitar lines. Laced with nostalgia, Legalise Love expertly showcases the powerful musicianship embedded within the project, brothers Max and Elliott Batten create a slice of magic on their latest release.

4/5 Stars.

Legalise Love is out now via Full Power Records. 50% of sales will go directly to the Lewisham Refugee and Migrant Network. Available to purchase here.


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