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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Supplied.

Melbourne band Slowly Slowly have joined forces with Yours Truly, offering up another slice of goodness from their upcoming record, Race Car Blues - Chapter 2.

An homage to first loves, First Love explores "the rose coloured glasses of retrospection & running from the past." says frontman Ben Stewart. He adds: "I wanted a song that captured the duality of wanting to forget someone, but holding their memory dearly."

After approaching Yours Truly vocalist Mikaila Delgado to feature on the song, Stewart shares Delgado "instantly understood the vibe we were going for and was incredible to work with. Mikaila was really intuitive with building the vocal arrangement, her harmonies and tonality really made the song feel complete."

The bands new record is set to complete the story that began on Race Car Blues, almost exactly one year since the original record was released. Made up of songs created during the writing sessions of Race Car Blues, the new songs were left on the cutting room floor for the original trackless. Overtime, the collection of tracks took on a life of its own and called for its own record. Complete with 12 new tracks, the band will also release a limited edition of double LP’s, dubbed the Race Car Blues Extended Edition.

Stewart explains: "What we first envisaged as background information that assisted in connecting the dots of Chapter 1 soon became its own entity and has actually planted a few seeds," he shares. In retrospect, some of those pieces that didn’t quite feel like they fit on the original album have served as great stepping stones to where Slowly is headed. Chapter 2 pushes the envelope a little further in every direction – heavier, more pop sensibility and a deeper dive into intimate solo songs. This is and has always been the ultimate aim for Slowly Slowly, to celebrate the music we love – anthemic heart on sleeve songwriting – but across a broad spectrum of genres. Having no creative ceiling for this project only pushed that ethos further."

Slowly Slowly are due to play Live At The Bowl alongside Ocean Alley, Maddy Jane & The Grogans in March, their rescheduled headline Race Car Blues national release tour in June, as well as slots at Full Tilt Festival in Melbourne & Brisbane.

Race Car Blues – Chapter 2 is out February 26! Listen to First Love below.


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