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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Kyle Caulfield

Slowly Slowly have delivered yet again, this time sharing an all-new track, Blueprint! Arriving alongside an iconic visual, the head bang-worthy track sees the four-piece bring their signature punk-rock stylings, with an electrified twist. Conceptually, the song was inspired by a pre-COVID party hosted by frontman Ben Stewart.

Speaking of the track, Stewart says: "There was no awkward small talk, no drugs needed to stimulate conversation (granted there was booze), but I've got a feeling it was mostly the blistering loud music and the fact we hadn't all been together in so long. Honestly my house was destroyed the next day, but strangely it just reminded me of what it means to come home to something. Throughout lockdown that feeling of elation completely faded into a distant memory. This song then became something we planned to release after the harshness of it all had blown over — a party track that could become somewhat of a "fist-in-the-air' moment after realising what we'd all been fighting for."

The songs visual stars Stewart and his band mates Albert Doan, Alex Quayle and Patrick Murphy, finding joy in the small moments of their day-to-day, mundane 9-to-5 jobs. Erupting in chaos, we follow the band as they run through the streets of Melbourne in the Kyle Caulfield directed visual. "Blueprint was by far the most ambitious and venturous project I’ve worked on, it was quite a reckless yet extremely rewarding and creative process." Caulfield shares. "The ultimate ambition for the film was to mirror the new sound for Slowly and bring together a new Slowly universe. Using references from all corners of film, we wanted to build out a light and fun narrative, but our vision was to create impacting and timeless visuals that reflected the energy of the track, while maintaining a fun and goofy character exploration that stays true to the band in real life.”

Slowly Slowly recently treated fans to a brand new collection of songs, with the release of their new album, Race Car Blues - Chapter 2. Serving as an accompanying piece to their third studio album, Race Car Blues, the new instalment completes the story that began on Race Car Blues, almost exactly one year since the original record was released. The four-piece also recently extended their national tour, taking to the stage this June in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and Hobart, before wrapping in Launceston.

Blueprint is out now! Watch the visual below.


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