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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Jordan Kirk.

Sydney producer and vocalist Skeleten has unveiled his latest single, Walking On Your Name. The third single from Russell Fitzgibbon's musical project, the musician will launch the track with an exclusive headline show on March 10 in Sydney.

Set atop airy synths and gilded vocals, Fitzgibbon crafts a mesmerising soundscape with the track serving as a sonic love letter to basking in the present. The release is accompanied by a visual, directed by the musician himself. Serving as an ode the empty club dance floor, the clip sees the musician return to the dance floor.

Speaking of the visual, Fitzgibbon explains "In the song, I was thinking about breathing time in and out like air, like all sharing the same moment, passing it around. The clip wasn't intentionally some kind of tribute to the club, but as it came together those same thoughts of eternity in a crowded room just kept ending up in the edit, to the point where I just cut in old phone videos of memorable nights. I guess I miss the feeling and the video is a walk through that."

The musician will take to the stage in Sydney next month, playing his debut headline show at Sydney’s Phoenix Central Park as part of their Intimate Acts Series. Skeleten, joined by his band, will bring their immersive live show to the performance space for a special, one-off performance. Entry to the show is free and limited capacity. RSVP here.

Skeleten sees Fitzgibbon take unfiltered for the first time as both a vocalist and producer. At the core of the project lies a strong sense of uncomplicated openness, as the music naturally took shape over relaxed, late-night sessions between other work. “For the first time, I was really just making music with absolutely no intention, just doing exactly what felt good in the moment,” he says. “It was only after I had all these ideas floating around that I started to realise how much it sounded like me, and maybe understand a little of what I was getting at.” Drawing from a seemingly limitless creative well, Skeleten contributes all design and visual components for the project, offering an all-encompassing visceral experience for his listeners.

Walking On Your Name is out now! Watch the music video below.


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