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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Jordan Kirk (Xinger Xanger)

Sydney producer and vocalist Skeleten has unveiled reimagined and reconstructed mixes of his latest single, Walking On Your Name. The third single from Russell Fitzgibbon's musical project, the release has taken on new life thanks to Sydney-born, London-based rising star Logic1000 and Melbourne-based electronic experimenter Rings Around Saturn.

On the remixes, Fitzgibbon shares: “I feel super lucky to have these two artists work over my music with such outstanding vision. I’ve admired both Logic and RAS for ages and I think it’s clear in these reinterpretations just how good they are at building a whole world in a song. It feels like they’ve both really nailed the wavelength of the original and transported that atmosphere into different times of the night or different states of mind. Genuinely can’t wait to hear these both in the club!”

Logic1000 is the moniker of producer and DJ Samantha Poulter. Fresh from remixes for Caribou and Christine and the Queens, she lends a chilled dance floor groove to the track. Logic1000 says, "I’ve had my ears peeled for new Skeleten releases ever since their debut [Mirrored]. So naturally, when I was asked to remix 'Walking On Your Name' I jumped at the opportunity. Such beautiful material to work with, I can only hope I did the track justice."

Rings Around Saturn is one of many production aliases from Melbourne native Rory McPike. He takes ‘Walking On Your Name’ into the early hours of the club, with an injection of high-energy, Jungle-infused rhythms. “With a wealth of great musical material to use in the original track, I figured I could use a sample based ‘Tracker’ sequencer to flip the original into a mid 90s inspired jungle remix. I may have gone overboard with the drum workout but the song was asking for it and at that point it’s not me making the decisions,” says Rings Around Saturn on the track.

Skeleten sees Fitzgibbon take unfiltered for the first time as both a vocalist and producer. At the core of the project lies a strong sense of uncomplicated openness, as the music naturally took shape over relaxed, late-night sessions between other work. “For the first time, I was really just making music with absolutely no intention, just doing exactly what felt good in the moment,” he says. “It was only after I had all these ideas floating around that I started to realise how much it sounded like me, and maybe understand a little of what I was getting at.” Drawing from a seemingly limitless creative well, Skeleten contributes all design and visual components for the project, offering an all-encompassing visceral experience for his listeners.

Walking On Your Name is out now!


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