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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch the visual below.

Image: David Herington

Aussie favourites Skegss are back with a brand new track, Bunny Man. Serving as a tribute to the bands tour manager, guitar tech, photographer, driver and friend David Herington, the sentimental release arrives alongside an official visual, directed by Jamieson Kerr and lead vocalist Toby Cregan, made up of archival footage and clips of Cregan on the day he played Herington the song.

Speaking of the track, Cregan shares: “I know it’s kind of over the top sentimental, but who gives a fuck? These people are the best. Bunny Man goes to extreme lengths to help people out. When I sent him the demo of the song he said that he cried happy tears, and that made me so happy. He’s had a really tough couple of years because of the lack of gigs, so if this song got him to feel good for a moment, then that’s all that matters to me.”

Earlier this year, the band unveiled their highly anticipated sophomore record, Rehearsal. Recorded at The Grove Studios with Grammy-award winning producer Catherine Marks (Foals, Wolf Alice, The Wombats), the thirteen track record documents love, friendship and youthful musings, bringing the trios particular brand of DIY garage-rock to the collection of songs. The release expands on the ideas and sonics presented on their debut, curating a carefully considered body of work that showcases the bands ever growing musicianship

Bunny Man is out now!


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