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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Stephen DuPont “Borroloola Rodeo, NT, 1998”

Shining Bird have released their new song, No Country for Dreamin, in solidarity with First Nation Peoples. The song is a response to the treatment of First Nations peoples in Australia.

All Bandcamp sales of the phenomenal release will go directly to Common Ground, an Aboriginal-led organisation that provides access to stories and knowledge that provides Australians the platform to see the values of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.

Speaking of the track, the band share: "Recorded at Golden Retriever studios Sydney on Invasion Day 2020, ‘No Country for Dreamin’ represents our deep sadness and anger at the treatment of First Nations peoples in this country, the lack of progress made in reparations and healing and our sense of powerlessness to affect the collective change we want to see. It reflects our frustration towards our elected clowns in charge, our resentment of whatever the ‘so called’ white Australian dream was meant to represent, and our grief with the ongoing impact this has had on Indigenous Australia. Our deep longing for change alongside anxieties of a future lacking cultural and ecological respect has driven us to release this song at this poignant time, not a day of celebration but a Day of Mourning for First Nations peoples. In our solidarity we feel it's important we are not silent."

No Country for Dreamin is out now and available for purchase here!


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