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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Supplied.

Sydney singer/songwriter Sarah Wolfe has dropped her latest single, I’ll Never Be Happy Again. This is the singers fourth single release, following her recent collaboration with The Flowers on 100 Times.

The track is an in-depth documentation of the emotional aftermath that follows a breakup, with the singer drawing listeners in with her subtle and soft vocals, before erupting into a raucous vocal performance over a reverb-heavy guitar line. Written with her partner and producer Xavier Dunn (Peking Duk, Jack River, CXLOE, Graace), the song is reminiscent to the punk infused pop sounds The Veronicas brought us in the early 2000's with tracks like Revolution.

"I'll Never Be Happy Again is one of the first songs I wrote where I finally felt comfortable in my own sound.” Wolfe shares of the track“It is loosely about a relationship that went wrong, but the more overarching theme for me is anxiety; how my head always makes things out to be far worse and far more dramatic than the situation actually is. I love how the lyrics play out over such a high energy soundtrack, I wanted this to be the point of hope in the song, a reminder that things do usually end up being ok. This song is as ridiculous as my own fears are sometimes!"

After years of venturing into the world of music journalism, Wolfe decided to make music her priority and has since released a string of songs including Devil U Know, U Think This Is A Game?, 100 Times and a collaborative cover with Dunn of I Think We’re Alone Now, made famous in 1987 by Tiffany. Earlier this year, the singer supported Lime Cordiale during their residency at Sydney's Oxford Art Factory to celebrate the release of their sophomore album.

I’ll Never Be Happy Again is out now! Listen to the track below.


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