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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


GROWING UP IS _____ is out December 10!

Image: Michelle Grace Hunder.

Australian pop superstar Ruel has treated fans with a taste of his forthcoming single, GROWING UP IS _____. Premiered exclusively on YouTube Shorts, the track is set to drop next Friday.

To celebrate the release, the musician is asking fans to get involved and create their own YouTube Short. Ruel wants you to finish the sentence “growing up is...” and share it with the world on the platform, in your own unique and creative way. Use the hashtag #ShortsRuel in your post for the chance to be featured on the singers social media platforms.

“The idea of the underline at the end of the title was to try to explain that everyone has a different experience growing up,” explains Ruel. “Everyone has ups and downs, but because it’s never just one thing, I couldn’t just give it one word and wanted to leave it open for interpretation.”

Marion Briand, Manager, Music Content Partnerships (AU/NZ), YouTube, said: “Ruel is such a talented artist, and it has been incredible to watch him grow from success-to-success since we first spotted him on YouTube in 2017. We can’t wait for his debut album to drop - but until then, we’re so excited to be partnering with him to give his millions of fans around the world a sneak peek of his upcoming single, exclusively on YouTube Shorts. And to give them the chance to add their own spin by finishing the lyrics too.”

GROWING UP IS _____ is out December 10!


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