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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch our interview with Royel Otis below!

Image: Supplied.

Sydney-based duo Royel Otis have shared their new single, Sofa King. Set to arrive later this month, the duo announced the their forthcoming EP, Sofa Kings, earlier this year with the release of I Wanna Dance With You.

The track boasts anthemic sing-a-long melodies and relaxed guitar work strumming above a zesty synthline. “A baggy beat, jangly guitars and a soaring synth to bring home what you really want to say. You are couch royalty in a messed up world. Own it with pride!” the duo share of the track. The release is accompanied by an official visual, directed by Ady Neshoda.

The musical project of Otis Pavlovic and Royel Maddell began upon the latter returning home after living in New York and finding himself working at a bar. Here, he had a chance encounter with Pavlovic who was fresh our of school. One night, Pavlovic showed Maddell his demos and the rest is history. In 2020, the duo released their debut EP, Campus, following it up with their sophomore effort last year.

Sofa Kings is out March 31!


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