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Watch the visual below!

Image: Vince Myo M. Aung

Role Model has delivered a summer bop with his new track, forever&more. The musical project of Tucker Pillsbury, the track ushers in a new era of the musicians career, and arrives alongside a dauntless visual.

The nostalgia drenched track is built upon glitchy beats and a captivating guitar loop, with Pillsbury's charming vocals floating above to a catchy hook. The musician details the highs and joys of finding new love, documenting the little moments and observations we make as our heart begins to float with love.

Speaking of the track, Pillsbury shares: “It’s obviously a love song. I really wanted to set up scenes of how my relationship started and the little moments that got us to where we are. This is the first time I’m letting people into the relationship and giving them visuals of those early stages and how I see it going in my head forever and more.”

Directed by Dylan Knight, we follow a happy and in love Tucker as he and the apple of his eye spend their days together. Cutting between shots of the musician with his friends and his lover, the visual documents all the little details of that new and exciting feeling.

Bursting onto the scene in 2017, Role Model has two EP's under his belt, 2019's oh, how perfect and 2020's our little angel EP. The musician has worked alongside the likes of BENEE, with fans including his late idol Mac Miller and Benny Blanco.

forever&more is out now! Watch the visual below.


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