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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Jamie Timony

Producer-vocalist Purient has shared another taste of her upcoming EP, with the release of Fantasy. Sonically exploring more deep house and IDM sounds, the track offers a moment of contemplation whilst capturing moments of tension. Made complete with staccato percussion, moody synths and fleeting guitar lines, the singers vocals take centre stage, bringing irresistible melodies to the track.

Written one evening where the artist had decided to trust her instinct and stay home, the singer shares that Fantasy is "a very heartfelt and special song to me, and is telling of the excitable butterflies and romantic feelings that were consuming me at that time. I was beginning to grow closer to someone who made me feel safe and loved. I had no set intention when writing/producing it, but the feelings were there, so it all unfolded on its own. This is my favourite track of the Memories EP."

Purient subverts traditional pop forms to deliver an introverted, brooding and purposeful sound, delicately complemented by gauzy vocals. Traversing her own thoughts with uncanny attention to detail, her visceral productions are reminiscent of Kelly Lee Owens’ reptiously meditative melodies, Smerz’s concentrated chaos and the subtle trance of Daniel Avery.

Fantasy is out now! Watch the music video below.


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